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A.    ip access-list extended BLOCK_BOT_OUT deny ip any host    shun 6000 80C.    ip access-list extended BLOCK_BOT_OUT deny ip host host    shun 6000 80 Answer: B NEW QUESTION 818Refer to the exhibit. Which effect of this configuration is true? A.    The MSS of TCP SYN packets is set to 1452 bytes and the IP MTU of the interface is set to 1942 bytesB.    The maximum size of TCP SYN+ACK packets passing the transient host is set to 1452 bytes and the IP MTU of the interface is set to 1492 bytesC.    The PMTUD values sets itself to 1452 bytes when the interface MTU is set to 1492 bytesD.    SYN packets carries 1452 bytes in the payload when the Ethernet MTU of the interface is to 1492 bytesE.    The maximum size of TCP SYN+ACK packets passing the router is set to 452 bytes and the IP MTU of the interface is set to 1492 bytes Answer: A NEW QUESTION 819Refer to the exhibit. Which effect of this configuration is true? A.    It configures the node to generate a link-locak group report when it joins the solicited-node multicast groupB.    It enables local group membership for MLDv1 and MLDv2C.    It enables hosts to send MLD report messages for groups in    It enables MLD query messages for all link-local groupsE.    It enables the host to send MLD report messages for nonlink local groups Answer: C NEW QUESTION 820You have configured an ASA firewall in multiple context mode. If the context are sharing an Interface. What are two of the actions you could take to classify packets to the appropriate Context? (Choose two) A.    Enable DHCPB.    Disable MAC auto-generation and adding unique IP addresses to each interfaceC.    Enable MAC auto-generation globallyD.    Assign a unique MAC address to each interfaceE.    Apply QoS to each interface Answer: CD NEW QUESTION 821Refer to the exhibit. What is the effect of the given configuration? A.    It requires the enable password to be authorized by the LOCAL databaseB.    It allows users to log in with any user name in the LOCAL databaseC.    It enables management authorization for a user-authenticated RADIUS serverD.    Users will be authenticated against the RADIUS servers defined in the adm_net listE.    It allows SSH connections to console login into the ASA Answer: D NEW QUESTION 822What feature enables extended secure access form non-secure physical locations? A.    NEATB.    802.1X port-based authenticationC.    port securityD.    storm-controlE.    CBAC Answer: A NEW QUESTION 823What are the two technologies that support AFT?(Choose two) A.    NAT-6to 4B.    NAT-PTC.    DNATD.    NAT64E.    NAT-PMPF.    SNAT Answer: BD NEW QUESTION 824On an ASA firewall in multiple context mode running version 8.X, what is the default number of VPN site-to-site tunnels per context? A.    2 sessionsB.    4 sessionsC.    1 sessionD.    0 sessions Answer: A NEW QUESTION 825Which three statements about Unicast RPF in strict mode and loose mode are true? (Choose three) A.    Inadvertent packet loss can occur when loose mode is used with asymmetrical routingB.    Interface in strict mode drop traffic witch retun routes that point to the Null 0 interfaceC.    Strict mode requires a default route to be associated with the uplink network interfaceD.    Loose mode requires the source address to be present in the routing tableE.    Both loose and strict modes are configured globally on the routerF.    Strict mode is recommended on interfaces that will receive packets only from the same subnet to which the interface is assigned Answer: BDF NEW QUESTION 826…… Download the newest PassLeader 350-018 dumps from now! 100% Pass Guarantee! 350-018 PDF dumps & 350-018 VCE dumps: (894 Q&As) (New Questions Are 100% Available and Wrong Answers Have Been Corrected! Free VCE simulator!) 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